Antiaging kit for your daily Beauty Routine

125 ml/4,22 FL. OZ


Buy a SERUM and a CREAM and get our face cleanser TOTAL REMOVER in its travel size version (100ml) for FREE.

3 Products for your daily Beauty Routine. They stimulate and restore cellular activity, while having a strong antiradical action, resulting in a real anti-aging process.

TOTAL REMOVER (100 ml/3,38 FL. OZ)

Total Remover formula has been developed for hypersensitive skin types or those that have become hypersensitive because of impure or allergenic cosmetics. TOTAL REMOVER respects the superficial hydrolipidic film, thanks to its special formula and its pH modulation, enabling epidermis to keep its barrier function, avoiding irritations. TOTAL REMOVER contains both HYDROPHILIC and LIPOPHILIC molecules (which remove make-up and fat).

VIT. C (10 ml/0,33 FL. OZ)

It is a powerful antioxidant able to stop the action of free radicals. The high quality of Vit C comes from the cold extraction method used to extract vitamin C (CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS PEEL EXTRACT) from the peel of sweet orange.

DNP (15 ml/0,5 FL. OZ)

DERMAXYL: it is a complex made of ceramide 2 and matrikina palmitoylated. Stimulates cellular communication. Smooths wrinkles and repairs the skin’s barrier.

SYN AKE: tripeptide that mimics Waglerin 1 effect, reduces cellular contraction, thus smoothing wrinkles.

PHYTALURONATE: derives from Ceratonia Siliqua, a natural principle (BSE free) that sums up collagen and hyaluronic acid properties. Fights the lack of water, therefore maintaining the skin young and healthy.

ULVA LACTUCA EXTRACT: fights elastosis and cellular aging; boosts cellular energy stimulating the renewal process. Protects the skin.

NATURAL POLYSACCHARIDE (DERIVED FROM CORN AND SOY): holds the water molecules back and transports them inside the skin, the hydration level grows by 44% in 1 hour, 79% by 3 hours, maintains it at 29% for 8 hours after the application of the cream.

LACTOBIONIC ACID: a cutting-edge “bionic” polyhydroxy acid, which is able to form a natural gel matrix that renders the skin soft, elastic and flexible. It is a great iron chelating agent, it is a strong antioxidant and it is used to preserve the transplanted organs. It has a repairing and healing action, favors exfoliation and cell renewal.

The products contained in the kit have to be used in the following order: 1. CLEANSING TOTAL REMOVER Apply Total Remover using a cotton pad in order to take away every make up residue and impurity. Use Total Remover daily on face, neck and eyelid skin. The application can be repeated until the removal of every residue. 2. SERUM APPLICATION VIT.C Apply a few drops on face and massage it. 3. CREAM APPLICATION DNP Apply on face and neck, massage gently.

02 REGEN SKIN C KIT stimulates cellular activity through 3 steps:

  1. TOTAL REMOVER cleanses the skin, which results clean and without any occlusive residue. The skin is now ready to receive the actives contained in cosmeceuticals.
  2. VIT. C protects from oxidative damages (antiradical action), evens hyper-pigmentations and has a sebum-regulating effect.
  3. The 6 actives contained in DNP stimulate cellular communication. DNP hydrates the skin, smooths the wrinkles, therefore maintaining the skin young.

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