Anti-aging after-shave creamy lotion

50 ml 1,7 FL.OZ.


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VELVET is a cosmeceutical product developed to take care of men's skin after shaving. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin types thanks to the hydrating actives and the soothing action of PANTHENOL and GPI. Furthermore VELVET has a strong antioxidant and protective action against external agents.


When applied on the skin, it transforms itself into pantothenic acid, which is responsible for the soothing and hydrating action of panthenol.



Effective hydrating complex, able to increase skin oxygenation.



Skin protective active. It regenerates the natural lipidic film and avoids the aggression from external agents. It has a hydrating action and it reduces water evaporation from the deepest skin layers.



Extracted from the licorice, it is an effective soothing active against contact dermatitis and irritations. Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin types.



It protects the skin from photo-aging and it preserves cell membranes from damages caused by free radicals.



It protects the skin from environmental and external agents, such as ozone, UV radiations and SLES. It stops oxygen molecules detrimental action, responsible for dermis and epidermis damages.



It is able to regulate the main responsible factors for cellular inflammation processes and tissue damages, such as UV exposure-deerived ones.

Apply VELVET on face and neck after shaving.

It prevents wrinkles and photo-aging it also sooths and regulates skin after-shaving.

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