The term “cosmeceuticals” was invented by US dermatologist Albert Kligman, to identify a type of product that represents the evolution of the usual cosmetic: they are selected on the basis of real efficacy, they contain highly concentrated actives and constitute the avantgarde of cosmetology, due to their intrinsic preventive and healing characteristics. They are pure and concentrated, they use valuable actives that are linked to the concept of a product’s effectiveness, more than its emotional side. We can define cosmeceuticals those products that look like pharmaceutical/cosmetic products (in the form of serum, cream, lotion, emulsion). They are used on the skin as a cosmetic, while their action is similar to drugs’ one.


In this case, transparency in formulation is paramount. An aware consumer needs to recognize a good product through the ingredients it contains. Reading the INCI is the first step to be informed: INCI is the watchword.

INCI stands for International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients.

P.I.F. - QUALITY, CONTROL and safety evalutation


Cosmeceutics follows its Quality Policy, keeping and promoting a Corporate Quality System, which is able to satisfy the consumer thanks to a steady improvement of the quality of its products and services.

Cosmeceutics works with laboratories applying the best Quality Systems that respect EU GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Furthermore, the laboraties we work with satisfy all the requirements of the cosmetic regulations and they promote standards of Quality Systems on a voluntary basis, such as: ISO 13485 (Medical products and Quality management Systems), ISO 22716 (Cosmetics- Good Manufacturing Practices), GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Cosmeceutics respects the latest European regulations: Regulation 1223/2009/CE on cosmetic products.

Every SurgicTouch product has its P.I.F. (Product Information File), to guarantee its safety as cosmetic product.