Pure C+

Antioxidant serum
with Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid

10 ml / 0.33 fl. oz.


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PURE C+ is a vitamin C serum, containing 3-O-ETHYL ASCORBIC ACID, which is a stable derivative of ascorbic acid with an antioxidant action.
The formula is completed by FERULIC ACID and GLYCOGEN, which are able to intensify the effect of vitamin C.
Thanks to the synergic action of these three elements, PURE C+ prevents photoaging, stimulates collagen synthesis and neutralizes free radicals. PURE C+ is packed with antioxidant actives, it has photoprotective and anti-inflammatory characteristics, it protects the DNA and reduces melanogenesis. This product evens the skin complexion by reducing dark spots.
Another PURE C+ innovative characteristic is its protective action against the blue light coming from electronic devices and screens, which has become a very popular aging cause during the recent years.
Suitable for normal and mixed skin types, as well as for skin with spots.



This ingredient is an ascorbic acid stable derivative that offers all the main benefits of vitamin C: it has an anti-inflammatory action, brightens up the skin, improves dark spots and skin complexion. Its strong anti-aging action reduces wrinkles and expression lines, fights photo-aging, neutralizes free radicals and stimulates collagen production.



This active has a photoprotective action, reduces UV rays damages and inhibits free radicals effects, thus exerting an antioxidant action.
Ferulic acid intensifies vitamin C and vitamin E action and effect. It firms up the skin, reduces wrinkles and fights photo-aging.



Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active that intensifies vitamin C and vitamin E action and effect. It improves skin complexion and hydrates the skin.



It has an immediate but long-lasting hydrating action.

Apply and massage until completely absorbed.

PURE C+ exerts different actions on the skin: rejuvenates the epidermis, fades out dark spots, evens skin complexion and has an optimal sebum-regulating effect on impure skin types.
Reduces small wrinkles and expression lines. The skin looks hydrated and firm.
It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays damages. It has an anti-inflammatory action: if used before (or after) sun exposure it reduces skin reddening and soothes sunburn.

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