Cleansing Kit Shine Skin

Cleansing and Regeneration

174 ml/5,88 FL. OZ


Buy a SERUM and a CREAM and get our face cleanser TOTAL REMOVER in its travel size version (100ml) for FREE.

TOTAL REMOVER Total Remover formula has been developed for natural hypersensitive skins or skins that have become hypersensitive because of impure or allergenic cosmetics. Total Remover respects the superficial hydro-lipid film, thanks to its special formula and its pH modulation, enabling epidermis to keep its barrier function, avoiding irritations. Total Remover cleansing molecules have a HYDROPHILIC and LIPOPHILICpart. The lipophilic molecules remove make-up and fat. It does not contain: fragrances, parabens, colouring agents, oil derived and silicones. No rinse product. SOFTLANE The combination of 4 acids GLYCOLIC, LACTIC, MALIC and SALYCILIC with a ph lower than 3.5, enables an immediate keratolytic effect. Furthermore Softlane contains phytic acid, which is able to postpone skin aging, inhibiting free radicals. It penetrates to the stratum corneum regulating the secretion level of sebum and bacterial flora. SILK RENEW MASK This product contains SERICIN and RETINOL. Silk Renew Mask suits thickened, dried skins, which lost their softness and elasticity. The combined action of 5 acids (chemical action) and NATURAL MICRO SPHERES (mechanical action) removes the most superficial layer of the skin. Silk Renew Mask can be applied on face, neck and décolleté.

TOTAL REMOVER Apply Total Remover with cotton to remove every kind of make-up and impurities. Use it daily on face, neck and eyelid skin. The application can be repeated until the removal of every residue. SOFTLANE Apply a small quantity of product on wet skin and massage it on face, neck and décolleté. Remove with warm water. WARNINGS: product for external use only. Eye contact is to be avoided. If the product gets in contact with eyes, clean thoroughly. SILK RENEW MASK Apply it with a light massage on face, neck and décolleté (lips and eyes excluded). Leave it on for 10min. and rinse. A light pricking is normal and temporary, due to alpha-hydroxy-acids.

The skin is soft, bright and pinky, perfectly cleaned without any occlusive residue, which would jeopardize the absorption of the actives contained in the cosmeceutical products.

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