Glow Up

Whitening and brightening cream

25 ml 0,8 FL.OZ


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DERMAWHITE COMPLEX: whitening and anti-spot complex of natural origin. It comprises three natural-origin extracts for a whitening action: PSIDIUM GUAJAVA FRUIT EXTRACT, CARICA PAPAYA FRUIT EXTRACT, SAXIFRAGA SARMENTOSA EXTRACT. DERMAWHITE is three times more efficient than kogic acid: 0,001% of DERMAWHITE inhibits 90% of the melanin synthesis. After 14 days the skin looks whiter in the treated area, the effect is doubled after the 28th day of treatment.

VITAMIN PP: vitamin PP boosts the skin’s new lipids’ production and helps to restore its integrity. The result is a good quality hydrolipidic film and restored function of the protective barrier. It also has a whitening action.

ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE: it has a whitening and anti-spot action. It is a great antioxidant, given the fact that it is derived from vitamin C.

MACADAMIA OIL: emollient and smoothing action.

Apply Glow Up after cleansing on the whole face. Glow Up can be used mornings and evenings. 

The skin will look brighter, the spots will appear lighter. Glow Up renders the skin soft and hydrated.

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