Circle Peel

Eye contour and lip peel

25 ml / 0.8 fl. oz.


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MADELIC ACID: It has many cosmetic features. It helps improving acne, skin discoloration due to photo-aging. It has a firming, detox and anti-age action.
LACTIC ACIDIt helps skin desquamation, reaching the deepest layers of epidermis. It has exfoliating properties and it regulates ph, while hydrating the skin
PHYTIC ACID: Cosmetics and dermatology exploits this active for its whitening (anti-tyrosinase action), antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and chelating action. Phytic acid interferes with melanin synthesis and it can be used to reduce dark spots. Phytic acids has antioxidant properties and it reaches the stratum corneum, regulating sebum secretion and bacterial flora.
AZELAIC ACID: it inhibits melanin creation when melanocytes are hyperactive. It also has whitening properties.
KOJIC ACID: it has a whitening action, making the skin color even. Useful in the treatment of melasma, sun and age lentigos, as well as other hyperpigmentation imperfections.
FERMENTED PUMKIN EXTRACT: Regeneration and smoothing of the skin. Suitable in case of early aging due to the sun. It improves aging signs, such as small wrinkles and imperfections.
VITAMIN E: Vitamin E is a liposoluble vitamin, absorbed by the skin avoiding water loss. Its main biological functions are antioxidant and the increase oxygen use, guarateeing a better capillary circulation. Vit. E is a pure vitamin Recent studies have shown that if used regularly before and after sun bathing or UV tanning it will reduce the damages that lead to photo-aging and to elasthosis. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant action, it fights photo- aging mechanisms and dryness due to sun exposition, avoiding skin elastic fiber damages.
Q10 COENZYME: It protects skin lipides and increase the defences of lidip barrier against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Its anti-aging action prevents aging signs.
Massage for some minutes on cleaned skin. Leave it on for all night long.
We recommend to use it in combination with Define Zone.
WARNING: the product contains AHAs, contact with eye to be avoided.
Do not expose to UV lights during the treatment.

The skin is soft, bright, compact and its color is even. It decreases eye shadows, small wrinkles and imperfections.  

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