New Skin

Cellular turnover serum

30 ml / 1.0 fl. oz.


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Serum for cellular regeneration, it has a double action: on the one hand it prepares the skin to absorb the active principles contained in the treatment; on the other hand it stimulates new cells to substitute the damaged ones, while accelerating cell renewal and slowing down aging.
NEW SKIN is the product that through the synergy of 4 acids (MALIC ACID, TARTARIC ACID, MANDELIC ACID and SALICYLIC ACID) leads to skin's exfoliation while respecting its physiology. It helps to avoid the slowing down of cell renewal. This mix of alpha-hydroxy-acids of natural origin is an effective treatment dedicated to superficial hyperpigmentation such as pregnancy and photosensitivity-derived spots. It suits sensitive skin types: it has a strong peeling action, while respecting the mechanisms of pH regulation and therefore skin's physiology.

NEW SKIN works through the synergy of 4 "naturally extracted" acids: MALIC, TARTARIC, MANDELIC and SALYCILIC ACID.  

Clean all areas that have to be treated with Total Remover. Apply NEW SKIN serum on the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands and massage lightly. Wait three minutes, then re-apply the serum on the outer edges of the face, and on any darker spots on the face. Repeat for a total of fifteen consecutive nights. Following this first treatment, take a one-week break, then continue using it every other day during the following weeks.

The skin is smoother, brighter, softer, more homogeneous and compact. This cosmeceutical serum is effective on superficial pigmentations such as spots due to pregnancy or photo-aging.

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