FLAWLESS – Light Beige

Cream compact Foundation

8 ml / 0.3 fl. oz.


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100% NATURAL MINERAL PIGMENTS: from iron oxides. OLIVE EXTRACT: from olive flowers and leaves. It has a strong protective action on epidermis, together with anti-aging and whitening properties. Effective epidermis regenerative action, fighting oxidation due to UV rays. ROSEMARY OIL: antioxidant action, excellent antiseptic and astringent , it also purifies skin. SUNFLOWER WAX (NATURAL ORIGIN): softening and protective action. It makes the skin more elastic.

Apply to face using a sponge or a brush for cream foundation. Light changes in color and/or smell can occur and do not alter the features of the product. Apply with cleaned hands or tools. Close the case after every use. Store in a cool, ventilated area, away from direct light.

EXCELLENT COVERAGE, IT BRIGHENS AND IMPROVES skin complexion. Extremely light-weight on the skin. Excellent for normal to dry skin types.

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