Cell activity stimulation cream

50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.


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[DNP] cream contains the most recent active ingredients formulated in the cosmeceutical field. - DERMAXYL: it stimulates cell communication. It repairs aging skin lesions, restoring skin matrix. A real anti-age able to smooth wrinkles and to repair skin barrier. - SYN AKE: is a tripeptide able to mime the effect of Waglerin 1. It reduces cell contraction, smoothing expression wrinkles. - PHYTALURONATE: ideal for skin, uniting collagene and hyaluronic acid features and helping keeping a young and healthy skin properties: flexibility and turgor. - ULVA LACTUCA EXTRACT: fights elastosis and cell aging; it increases cell energy, stimulating cell regeneration. It protects skin. - POLYSACCHARIDE: of natural derivation (from corn and soya). It contains a good quantity of fucose, able to increase long term skin hydration, it holds and transports water molecules in the skin. - LACTOBIONIC ACID: is a new revolutionary "bionic" poly-hydroxy acids, able to convey and hold water at epidermis level. This excellent iron chelating agent has a powerful anti-oxidant action. It is used in medicine as preservative for transplantation organs. It also has a strong hygroscopic power together with a healing action. It helps exfoliation and cell renewal.

Apply in hte evenings during the summer season. Excellent daily cream for winter season.

Face skin looks silky and hydrated. Wrinkles are less prominent and skin keeps its youth.

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