Cell activity stimulating cream

50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.


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It is a powerful face and neck anti wrinkle cream, where 6 active ingredients work both together and in synergy (bear in mind that traditional cosmetic products contain only 1 or 2 active principles). DNP stimulates cell activity, favours skin exfoliation and has a soft and silky texture.

[DNP] cream contains the most recent active ingredients formulated in the cosmeceutical field.



It is a complex made of ceramide 2 and matrikina palmitoylated. Stimulates cellular communication. Smooths wrinkles and repairs the skin’s barrier.



It is a tripeptide that mimics Waglerin 1 effect, reduces cellular contraction, thus smoothing wrinkles.



It derives from Ceratonia Siliqua, a natural principle (BSE free) that sums up collagen and hyaluronic acid properties. Fights the lack of water, therefore maintaining the skin young and healthy.



It fights elastosis and cellular aging; boosts cellular energy stimulating the renewal process. Protects the skin.



Holds the water molecules back and transports them inside the skin, the hydration level grows by 44% in 1 hour, 79% by 3 hours, maintains it at 29% for 8 hours after the application of the cream.



A cutting-edge “bionic” polyhydroxy acid, which is able to form a natural gel matrix that renders the skin soft, elastic and flexible. It is a great iron chelating agent, it is a strong antioxidant and it is used to preserve the transplanted organs. It has a repairing and healing action, favors exfoliation and cell renewal.

Apply in the evenings during the summer season. Excellent daily cream for winter season.

Face skin looks silky and hydrated. Wrinkles are less prominent and the skin looks youthful.

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