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Dr. Nicola Pittoni developed after-aesthetic surgery protocols. After these procedures the skin has specific needs and keeping the results of the surgeries as long as possible is necessary.

Every protocol contains effective anti-age products, suitable for every age and skin imperfection.


Filler can be used to fill the skin, to decrease wrinkles and correct face and body shapes. Through super thin needles only the right amount of filler is injected and only where necessary.

Suggested post treatment products: Pure Jal2, Details.


Botox is a protein from a bacteria, which is widely used in medicine by oculists and neurologists. In aesthetic medicine it is known for its ability to correct expression wrinkles on the forehead.

Suggested post treatment products: Pure Jal, Fill Up.


This surgery reshapes sagging tissues in face and neck. Improving the quality of the skin thourgh highly effective cosmeceuticals is necessary.

Suggested post treatment products: DNP, Peptha Mask.


It corrects and removes the excessive tissue of eyelid bags, in order to improve the eye contour area.

Suggested post treatment products: Eye Up, Pure Jal.


It removes localized fat deposits to reshape body silhouette.
This surgery does not work on skin surface, which must be treated with specific cosmeceutical products instead.

Suggested post treatment products: Dissolve, Hileg.


Mammoplasty gives volume and lifts skin in case of collapse, it also makes the tiessues firmer through injections. The skin of the breast area must be treated with specific cosmeceuticals, targeting elasticity.

Suggested post treatment products: SurgiLastic, Body Firm.


In case of strong loss of weight or after pregnancies. It consists in the removal of excessive tissues, that lost elasticity. Elasticity needs to be preserved in time.

Suggested post treatment products: Contour, Body Firm.


Laser renews the skin and erases spots, scars and superficial imperfections. After these aggressive treatments, skin must be regenerated.

Suggested post treatment products: Post Peel Mask, Revital Mask.

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