The online transmission of the order to Cosmeceutics SRL by the client constitutes full acceptance of the general conditions of contract, drafted and prepared in compliance with the provisions contained in Legislative Decree 6 September 2005. 206 (Consumer Code) and Legislative Decree No 31 January 2007. 7 (Urgent Measures for the protection of consumers, the promotion of competition, the development of economic activities and the creation of new businesses).
Cosmeceutics SRL reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, these general conditions, applying the new arrangements from the date of their publication on its website. In any case, unless otherwise expressly agreed, these changes will have no retroactive effect on any previous contracts with users.
The inclusion of additional or marginal notes and / or the modification of this Agreement is , in any way, forbidden to the customer, unless it is specifically approved in writing by Cosmeceutics SRL
The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision must not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions in any case.
Possible further performances other than those constituting the Service, could be performed if previously requested by the client, according to conditions to be defined every time.



The website is managed by the company Cosmeceutics SRL; in the frame of the contract between Cosmeceutics SRL and the Client, only the general conditions published on the aforementioned website are valid. In particular the conditions published at the moment of the purchase are valid (pointed out in the “Checkout” section under “General terms and conditions”).



The contract parties are following: Cosmeceutics SRL, Via Tavagnacco 131/a, 33100 Udine (UD), Italy. VAT NR. 02484650300, and the client, whose data are written in the order form.



Cosmeceutics S.r.l. offers goods and services choosen by the Client and included in the order form, which is integral part of the contract.



The contract is concluded with the execution or, if this is applicable, with the sending of the order confirmation by Cosmeceutics. The submission of the order will constitute final acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the customer. Following the purchase the customer will receive an email summarizing the contents of the order made and the reference to the General Conditions of Sale.



The client can buy the goods contained in the website exclusively, according to the quantity contained in the warehouse. In case the order exceeds the quantity of the product contained in the warehouse, the order is accepted only for the available quantity, and the client will be contacted per telephone or e-mail.



The Client has to pay the amount agreed between itself and Cosmeceutics SRL, as specified on the order form. All product prices are clearly indicated on the Website and are inclusive of VAT. Delivery costs are adequately highlighted at the time of the order. The cost of each shipment may vary depending on the delivery and payment methods as well as the destination and the total amount of the order, they can be ckecked in the “Checkout” section, once selected the destination of the shipment. These costs can vary according to the destination and payment method. If the destination is abroad, taxes are charged to the customer according to the regulations of the destination Country. Cosmeceutics SRL is not responsible for mistakes or non-delivery of goods, due to defective filling of the order form by the customer; furthermore the additional costs due to the new delivery of the goods, are charged on the client.
Methods of payment accepted by Cosmeceutics SRL are the following:

Bank transfer: the bank transfer has to be made within 7 days, otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled. The order will be carried out (according to the warehouse availability), once the payment is accredited on our bank account and before confirmation by Cosmeceutics SRL.

Credit Cards online: by purchasing a product via Visa or MasterCard Credit Card, the amount is calculated in the following way: cost of product/s + transport cost (VAT and transport cost included). The payment via Credit Card is carried out through safe connection during the order. Once the purchase and the payment are successfully concluded, Cosmeceutics SRL sends the confirmation order via e-mail (in absence of order confirmation from Cosmeceutics SRL, the order in NOT valid).
The Credit Card holders with SMS Alert Service activated, will receive an sms every time a payment is carried out or authorized. The first notification could only be about the authorization of the payment (namely the control on the account balance) and not the payment itself, in fact the transaction will be carried out once the order is confirmed via e-mail.

Pay Pal: by purchasing a product through PayPal, the total amount is calculated as following: cost of product/s + transport cost.



In order to guarantee timeliness and punctuality of deliveries, Cosmeceutics SRL selected trustworthy carriers to ship your goods, guaranteeing deliveries within 24/72 hours from the payment receipt in Italy, non working days excluded. If the client chooses bank transfer as payment method, delivery terms shall commence from the day the customer receives confirmation of the order from Cosmeceutics SRL, that shall send the order once the agreed amount is accredited on the bank account. The previously mentioned delivery time is valid once the availability of the product is checked. For delays in delivery due to causes not directly attributable to Cosmeceutics Srl, the same shall be entitled to suspension, postponement or cancellation of the contract.

Furthermore Cosmeceutics SRL gives the client the possibility to withdraw the ordered products by one of its Accredited Centers, that can be selected in the “Checkout” section.



Once the order is confirmed, the Customer declares to have read the offer in its entirety and have read the specifications of the product and the General Conditions of Sale. The client also declares that the inserted data are its real ones. The customer also declares that the data entered correspond to the real and personal ones and therefore it has not entered in the order form untruthful data. Furthermore Cosmeceutics S.r.l. also reserves the right to terminate the contract and to persecute any violation o 0432r abuse, if the Customer fails one or more obligations at the time of signing the contract, without prejudice to any right to compensation. The client has the obligation to verify and challenge the defective order when delivered or within 48 hours from it.



Customer communications and notifications must be sent by registered letter to Cosmeceutics SRL, Via Tavagnacco n°131 – 33100 Udine (UD) Italy. Cosmeceutics SRL will contact the customer per e-mail or telephone +39 0432502969, according to the customer indications.



The customer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity), has a withdrawal period of 10 working days from the date of delivery, allowing him to cancel all or part of the order and return the product at his own expense. In order to exercise its right of withdrawal, the purchaser must notify the withdrawal to the customer service by registered letter, to be sent to Cosmeceutics SRL, Via Tavagnacco 131/A, 33100 Udine (UD) Italy.
The buyer will be refunded for the full amount within 30 days following the date on which the right of withdrawal has been exercised. The buyer will also pay the costs of shipping. The product will have to appear in perfect condition with original packaging and complete with all its accessories.



Promotions can only be valid for the period described in the conditions. The promotions are valid for the purchases on the website exclusively, unless otherwise stated.



Should any dispute arise on the agreed contract between Cosmeceutics SRL and the client. The jurisdiction is identified in accordance with Act. 63 of Legislative Decree No. 206 of 2005 (mandatory competence of the courts of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located within the State).