Intensive whitening and exfoliating treatment

25 ml/0,8 fl.oz & 15 ml/0,5 fl.oz


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This treatment has been developed against skin dyschromia, to even the skin complexion. IN WHITE contains mandelic acid to exfoliate and brighten the skin, while GLOW UP performs a whitening action.


DERMAWHITE COMPLEX: whitening and anti-spot complex of natural origin. It comprises three natural-origin extracts for a whitening action: PSIDIUM GUAJAVA FRUIT EXTRACT, CARICA PAPAYA FRUIT EXTRACT, SAXIFRAGA SARMENTOSA EXTRACT. DERMAWHITE is three times more efficient than kojic acid: 0,001% of DERMAWHITE inhibits 90% of the melanin synthesis. After 14 days the skin looks whiter in the treated area, the effect is doubled after the 28th day of treatment.
VITAMIN PP: vitamin PP boosts the skin’s new lipids’ production and helps to restore its integrity. The result is a good quality hydrolipidic film and the restored functionality of the protective barrier. It also has a whitening action.
ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE: it has a whitening and anti-spot action. It is a great antioxidant, given the fact that it is derived from vitamin C.
MACADAMIA OIL: emollient and smoothing action.


MANDELIC ACID: it performs a gentle exfoliation on the skin. It increases the collagen and elastin synthesis. In addition, it has a great whitening action.


On cleansed skin, apply a few drops of IN WHITE in the evening. Do not use too much product as the mandelic acid is able to keep on exfoliating the skin over the next few days. Leave it on for a few minutes and remove. Once the skin is dry again, apply GLOW UP on the whole face.
The use of Safe Tan Face 360° is suggested for the following morning.

The treatment lasts 1 month:
- over the first 15 days, apply IN WHITE and GLOW UP every evening.
- over the final 15 days, apply IN WHITE and GLOW UP every other day.


  • During the application, a light itch can be felt, which is normal and it is due to the product activity.
  • Direct contact with eyes, lips and nose is to be avoided. Do not use in case of sensitive skin types or in the presence of dermatological issues.
  • The product contains AHAs that can increase skin photo-sensitivity. While using the product, sun filters are highly recommended.
  • Avoid sun exposure during the treatment and the following week.
  • External use. Keep away from children.

Glow Up together with In White make up the WHITE PRO treatment, which is used to obtain a smooth and bright skin. WHITE PRO was developed to lighten up the skin’s hyperpigmented spots.

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