Silk Renew

Apha hydroxy acid face scrub

8 ml x 10 / 0.03 fl. oz. x 10


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This product contains SERICIN and RETINOL. Silk Renew Mask suits thickened, dried skins, which lost their softness and elasticity. The combined action of 5 acids (chemical action) and NATURAL MICRO SPHERES (mechanical action) removes the most superficial layer of the skin. Silk Renew Mask can be applied on face, neck and décolleté.

Apply it with a light massage on face, neck and décolleté (lips and eyes excluded). Leave it on for 10min. and rinse. A light pricking is normal and temporary, due to alpha-hydroxy-acids.

Exfoliation improves the colour and look of the skin. It also supports the penetration of its functional substances.

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