Intensive elasticizing cream

175 ml / 5.9 fl.


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It contains a high percentage of elastin, mannuronate and the vitamins A, C and E. Elastin has firming functions and the silanol-mannuronate stimulates collagen production while the development of stretch marks and the loose appearance of the skin are avoided. Furthermore UREA with hydrating and soothing action. PANTHENOL, PRO VITAMIN B5,protective and hydrating action together with olive, sweet almond and wheat germ.

SurgiLastic should be applied for at least 90 days, particularly in areas where the skin seems less firm. Massage the cream into your skin until is totally absorbed. SurgiLastic is part of the Retense Treatment: for this reason it is suggested to be used combined with SurgiSmooth product.

SurgiLastic results in a smoothed and nourished skin, furthermore it prevents irreversible damages leading to skin laxity and stretch marks.

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