Exfoliating cream, modulator of cell renewal

150 ml / 5 fl. oz.


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- GLYCOLIC, LACTIC and TARTARIC ACID: mix of acids with exfoliating action, able to stimulate cellular turnover, according to skin thickness. - HYALURONIC ACID: anti-age active. It draws water from dermis. - SERICIN: it has, among the others, a nourishing effect, inhibiting lipid development and tyrosinasis activity. It stimulates cellular proliferation. - PENNYWORTH: it improves microcirculation and elasticity (stretch marks and wrinkles). - PHYITIC ACID: it has whitening, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. - RETINOL: vitamin A has many important skin functions, it guarantees an excellent turnover, similar the one of young skin.

SurgiSmooth should be applied for at least 90 days, particularly in areas where the skin seems less firm. Massage the cream into your skin until is totally absorbed. SurgiSmooth should only be used once a week for the application to your breasts. Do not apply the product to or around your nipples. The product contains acids: avoid the area around the eyes and the exposure to UV rays. Wash your hands accurately after each application.

The skin is exfoliated, it looks firm and smoothed. SurgiSmooth also acts on water retention.

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