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Fill Up


Lifting and filling serum
125ml / 4.22 fl.oz.

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LACTOBIONIC ACID this revolutionary ingredient is able to make the skin soft, elastic and flexible. It is used in medicine to preserve transplantation organs. It has a proven healing action on wounds, it regulates exfoliation and cellular turnover. It has a long lasting hydrating action. Through skin application it constantly regulates hydrating and keratinizing system. Furthermore it has an antioxidant and repairing action. Lactobionic acid is used in cosmetic product with a light exfoliating action, anti-aging and brightening products.

CORPONANNOCHLOROPSIS OCULATA EXTRACT/PULLULAN: it is a green, single cell, micro-algae able to live both in fresh and salt water.  It is very rich in aminoacids, vitamins, polysaccharides and lipids, for this reason many water organisms eat it. Therefore, its extract is rich in nourishing substances and polysaccharides and together with pullulan (a polysaccharide of natural origin, extracted from Aureobasidium pullulans fungi) give the skin a lifting and dydrating effect, once applied.

ORNITHINE ENCAPSULATED IN AN IONOSOME: ornithine is a amino acid biotechnologically extracted from cornstarch and potato. It is able to positively effect metabolism processes of lipid deposits in adipocytes. It stimulates preadipocyte maturation to adipocytes, it stimulates adipogenesis (lipid synthesis process) and it inhibits lipolysis (the opposite process of adipogenesis), obtaining a volumizing effect.

The incapsulation in an ionosome allows the ornithine to be better conveyed.

It supports face, neck and decollete tissues, giving structure and volume through its filler effect.

Massage the product morning s and evenings on the areas to be treated (which must be cleaned). Start the application from the decollété and move up towards the face, including it. Apply for at least one month.

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