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Retense Treatment


Exfoliating and elasticizing action
150 ml / 5 fl. oz. & 150 ml / 5 fl. oz.

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GLYCOLIC, LACTIC and TARTARIC ACID: mix of acids with exfoliating action, able to stilulate cellular turnover, according to skin thickness.
HYALURONIC ACID: anti-age active. It draws water from dermis.
SERICIN: it has, among the others, a nourishing effect, inhibiting lipid development and tyrosinasis activity. It stimulates cellular proliferation.
PENNYWORTH: it improves microcirculation and elasticity (stretch marks and wrinkles).
PHYITIC ACID: it has whitening, antioxidant, anti inflammatory properties.
RETINOL: vitamin A has many important skin functions, it guarantees an excellent turnover, similar the the one of young skin.

ELASTIN: hydrating and protecting action. It has a stronger action together with hydrolized/soluble collagen.
MANNURONATE: it stimulates collagen production, it helps preventing those damages, leading to skin laxity and even stretch marks.
3 VITAMINS A, C, E: antioxidant action. The only ones suitable for skin.
UREA: it is one of the skin elements, being part of the NMF (natural moisturazing factor). It helps the stratus corneum keeping as much water as possible.
PANTHENOL: it stimulates cellular growth and it is a tissue repairer.
NOURISHING OILS (olive, almond, wheat germ): it nourished the skin.

It makes the skin smooth, while easing the penetration of elastic actives.

Apply the products at least for 90 days, every other day, focusing on anelastic areas.

WARNINGS: a light itching is normal when using Surgi- Smooth, it is due to AHA concentration. On the delicate area of breast SurgiSmooth should be used maximum twice a week. Do not apply on nipples and their surrounding areas. Avoid sun exposure when using SurgiSmooth. Wash the hands carefully after every application.

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