What is acne?

Acne is one of the most frequent disease of the skin. It addresses the hair follicle and sebaceous gland, responsible for sebum production. Acne is characterized by an inflammatory process, leading to black heads, reddening and (sometimes) deepest and painful damages, such as nodules, cysts and follicles full of pus, namely pimples.

Acne causes

The most frequent cause of acne is hormones. The increase of the sexual hormones leads to an increase in sebum production, thus obstructing the pilosebaceous channel, which being full of sebum and epithelial cells, causing the black head and pimple. Genetic, iatrogenic, environmental, psychological, dietary or cosmetic factors can also cause acne.

How to treat acne

Treating acne needs the following actions: regulate sebum production, decrease epidermis thick and fight bacterial contamination. SurgicTouch created the retail product Aknew Cream, an innovative formulation, developed for greasy skin types prone to acne. Thanks to the action of Vitamin PP, together with Panthotenic acid and Vitamin B6, this cream has a decongestant effect on irritated skin. We suggest to those who suffer of acne, to contact the nearest SurgicTouch accredited center to be treated with our specific treatments based on alpha hydroxy acids and Grease/Acne Skin Peel: Alpha hydroxy acid for oily skin prone to acne. Thanks to its dermatological concept, grease/acne skin peel can be used on active acne.