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  Treat your skin at every age! Facial skin is very delicate and it must be treated according to the…



Treat your skin at every age!

Facial skin is very delicate and it must be treated according to the age. Nevertheless there are some common aspects for 20 to 50 year old women.

  • Cleansing: cleaning the skin once or twice a day with specific products respecting skin balance is fundamental. This phase is paramount to remove dirt due to external agents, leaving the pores free.
  • Hydration: skin must be hydrated at every age, taking into account skin type.
  • Drink a lot of water: hydration should not be only external, but also internal.



From 12  to 16-18 years old our body produces a great deal of hormones and often skin suffers of  acne. According to the skin type, there are going to be more or less pimples. That is why teenagers should pay attention to some aspects:

  1. Make-up: choose carefully those suitable for your skin type. For example in case of oily skin, make up should be oil-free or mineral. Furthermore remember to clean the skin before going to bed.
  2. Do not touch pimples nor blackheads. It is easy to be tempted, but visiting an expert from time to time for a facial cleansing session is preferable, otherwise there can be scars.
  3. Sun protection. Even if not visible right now, sun can cause spots. Use make up products with sun protection.


At 20 years old women are very young, but skin should not be neglected. Starting with anti age treatments is important.

  1. Eye contour: anti eye shadow creams and serums for a refreshing effect are helpful to ease eye bags.
  2. Anti age creams and serums. Starting from 28 years old, the use of anti-age creams and serums is recommended as prevention and preparation of the skin.


Treat the skin with tiny daily choices is fundamental, together with some professional treatments.

  1. Use anti-age creams and serums suitable for your skin type.
  2. Antioxidant products. Eat antioxidants and use antioxidants in your products. Vitamin C helps you to stop aging processes.


  1. Anti-wrinkle cosmeceutical products with retinoids, which are Vitamin A derives, able to regulate cellular turnover.
  2. Treatments to improve the eyebrow form and to give brightness to your eyes.