Skin care in Autumn is fundamental.

After the Summer, once holidays are over, skin shows the stress signs due to wind and sun exposure. After Summer, skin usually looks dehydrated and with capillary dryness. The first signs are small wrinkles around the lips and eyes and, in case of long sun exposure, skin can peel, leaving the color not homogeneous.


Prepare your skin step by step for Winter if you want to look at your top. Visit a wellness center and undertake peeling treatments to support cellular turnover and to find the right balance of your skin. Treatments with hyaluronic acid and aloe are also important to give hydration and brightness to the skin, while preventing imperfections due to sunbathing.


A daily cleansing with Total Remover ensures the skin to absorb the actives contained in creams and serums. During this period of the year, the combined use of Retin All in the mornings and Retin In in the evenings for 2 weeks is highly recommended. The vitamin A contained in these 2 products is direct and slowly released, it helps exfoliation and the regulation of cellular turnover.