Post Summer Skincare: radiance and hydration

After the summer holidays the skin brings with itself the signs of stress due to exposure to sun, salt and wind and that’s why it needs a little more love and attention. Therefore our skin requires a specific and efficient post summer Skincare.

It is very likely that after the summer period the skin looks dehydrated, opaque, sensitive and with a capillary dryness. The first signs of skin discomfort appear with small wrinkles around the eyes and lips and, in cases where sun exposure has been excessively prolonged, the phenomenon of peeling could occur, which leaves an uneven skin tone.


Which are the attentions to devote to the skin after the summer?

It’s time to give some space to a post-summer skincare ritual that refreshes, hydrates and restores the skin natural radiance. A skincare composed of simple but essential gestures to illuminate the face, regenerate the skin after the stress of sun exposure and prepare it for the seasonal change.

Here are the basic steps of a post summer Skincare and the products we recommend!

The correct post summer Skincare starts with a delicate and effective cleansing

The first step to restoring the beauty of the skin is a deep facial cleansing. Using a delicate but effective cleanser, we can free the skin from all the impurities accumulated during the summer, such as sunscreen residues, make-up and environmental pollutants.

Furthermore, the cleansing step prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients of following treatments.

Our TOTAL REMOVER is an extremely delicate make-up remover and is also suitable for hypersensitive skin.

The detergent molecules of its formulation consist of a hydrophilic and a lipophilic part: the latter binds to the fatty matrices such as make-up and sweat, removing them completely.

Exfoliating to shine again

The perfect post summer Skincare must also include exfoliation to stimulate cell renewalContrary to what one thinks, a correct exfoliation does not eliminate the tan, but rather enhances it, preserving all the light that summer has given us on our face.

Furthermore, exfoliating gently allows you to give thickened and dull skin a younger, brighter and healthier appearance.

SOFTLANE is an exfoliating cleanser based on 4 acids which, with their action, remove excess dead cells and make the skin softer, more luminous and with a homogeneous colourWe recommend using Softlane once or twice a week to avoid damaging sensitized skin.

Moisturize, the gesture that pampers and revitalizes the skin

After sun exposure the skin needs extra hydration: choosing a rich moisturizer in your post summer Skincare helps to restore the right level of hydration and keep the skin soft and supple.

Our AGE PROTECTED UV protection cream is perfect for this time of year. Rich in Vitamin A, it not only brightens the gray complexion and makes the skin healthier and brighter, but immediately moisturizes the skin and helps maintain an optimal rate of water in the epidermis. It also eliminates small wrinkles from dehydration and the skin appears fresh, toned and soft.

Evens out the skin tone with a Vitamin C booster

When the tan loses its color, it is very likely that stains, discolorations and gray areas begin to appear on the face. This is due to sunlight, which after prolonged exposure can lead to hyperkeratosis, which is a skin thickening that makes the skin less elastic and more opaque.

PURE C+, a Vitamin C serum, is perfect for skin with pigmentations: its formula, complemented by ferulic acid and glycogen, reduces stains and evens out the complexion, as well as possessing excellent antioxidant and photoprotective properties.

Specific eye and lip treatments

The skin around the eyes and lips is more delicate and thin and therefore more sensitive to external agents such as sun, heat and wind.

A targeted treatment is what can help these areas recover hydration and vitality. 

Specifically, we recommend the DETAILS TREATMENT: thanks to the combined use of Circle Peel, a peeling with regenerating action, and Define Zone, a nourishing and soothing balm, the skin around the eyes and lips is toned and plumped and small wrinkles are minimized.

A sweet goodnight to your skin

Using a moisturizing mask at night is an effective way to give the skin time to regenerate and hydrate deeply.

Our REVITAL MASK Night Pack with Intense Hydration, gives a new vitality to the most stressed skin.

Thanks to the presence of active ingredients with regenerating properties such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10, the skin is quickly firmer and hydrated.

A specific post summer Skincare is essential to restore the vitality and health of the skin. From a deep facial cleansing, to hydration and the use of targeted treatments, each step plays a fundamental role to enhance the natural beauty of the skin and give it a younger and healthier appearance.

Remember that consistency is a key element: a constant post-summer beauty routine will lead to visible results over time, helping you maintain a bright and radiant skin.