Face cleansing: when is the skin really clean?

Cleansing is the first essential step of every beauty routine”.

This is probably something that we have read or heard several times. But do you know when the skin is really clean? And why face cleasing is so important?

It’s a concept that goes beyond an hygiene matter or make-up removal. Cleansing is a fundamental step that, if performed correctly and with the right products, can actually slow down skin aging and help everyone keeping their skin young and healthy.

In fact, incorrect facial cleansing leads to the appearance of wrinkles and signs of expression before time and to an impure, imperfect skin with the presence of subcutaneous comedones.

Face cleansing: why is it so important and what are its functions?

As mentioned above, face cleansing is no longer just a cleansing action. It must be considered as a daily skincare step for the well-being of your skin.

Even with no make-up, it becomes a necessary step to remove impurities and occlusive residues caused by smog and atmospheric agents.

This allows to promote skin transpiration and stimulate oxygenation, making the skin brighter and flawless.

Daily cleansing also promotes cell renewal and the maintenance of skin tone and elasticity.

Which are the steps of a correct face cleansing?

Face cleansing cannot be reduced to the use of a single product, since specific products act for different purposes, always respecting the skin and keeping the hydrolipidic film intact.

Here is a small vademecum to keep the fundamental steps always in mind:

To effectively remove make-up and prepare the skin for the next steps;

To cleanse the skin, remove impurities, excess sebum, dead cells and dirt particles that accumulate on the skin during the day;

It’s important to accompany cleansing with regeneration! To slow down aging it is necessary to properly cleanse the skin and promote its renewal by accelerating cell turnover, at all ages!

Face Cleansing Kit: for a deep and effective cleansing

SurgicTouch has created a Cleansing Kit that contains everything needed for deep face cleansing, a perfect format to always carry with you even on vacation.

The Cleansing Kit consists of three essential products for a perfect daily skincare.

Inside you will find TOTAL REMOVER, a make-up remover that guarantees correct make-up removal that is delicate on the skin and respects its physiological conditions.

The particularity of Total Remover, compared to many make-up removers on the market, is its dual function: its lipophilic molecule binds and removes the fatty matrices such as make-up, and the hydrophilic one instead – which has an affinity with aqueous solutions – makes the product an effective tonic as well. The extreme delicacy of its formulation allows it to be used daily and continuously even on hypersensitive skin.

The second product is SOFTLANE mousse cleanser which, through a blend of alpha hydroxy acids, stimulates cell turnover, cleanses deeply, smoothes rough and dull skin making it bright and silky.

The active ingredients of the formula act in synergy and have numerous properties: glycolic acid removes the outermost cells, lactic acid promotes skin flaking, malic acid helps remove imperfections and is effective in the treatment of dyschromia and melasma, salicylic acid provides a smoothing action and phytic acid has lightening, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The last product is SILK RENEW mask which combines three important actions:

  • the first action is that of a mechanical peeling made with vegetable granules which help the removal of dead cells;
  • the second is that of a chemical peeling obtained through 5 acids with exfoliating properties and which give an immediate luminosity to the skin.
  • the third action is emollient and restorative, conveyed by active ingredients such as sericin, which forms a protective film on the skin to guarantee hydration and elasticity and retinol, which increases the production of collagen to give softness to the tissues.
    We recommend using Total Remover daily in the morning and evening, Softlane twice a week on cleansed skin, preferably in the evening, to prepare the skin for the application of cosmeceuticals. Use Silk Renew once a week on face, neck and décolleté.