Often cosmetics and cosmeceuticals seem to be synonymous and there are many doubts surrounding the exact differences between these two groups of products.

The difference is clear and defined: cosmetics were born from the need to improve one’s aspect, through the “covering” of imperfections, while cosmeceuticals have a very different purpose.

First, what is a cosmeceutic? The Cosmeceutics (a term coined by the American dermatologist Albert Kligman) represent the evolution of traditional derma-cosmetics. They are selected by real effectiveness, contain active ingredients at high concentration and represent the vanguard of Cosmetology with their prevention and treatment intrinsic feature.

Pure and concentrated, they use valuable components, which are tied to the concept of proven (real) effectiveness of the product and not to the emotional one.

They are produced with a greater scientific profile than normal cosmetics, while maintaining a lower therapeutic value than the pharmacological product itself.

A cosmeceutic is defined anywhere a substance that, while showing in a pharmaceutical-cosmetic shape (serum, cream, lotion, emulsion) and used on the skin as a cosmetic, presents a medicine-like action.

The law allows the selling of cosmeceuticals without medical prescription. Cosmeceutics pays the most attention to the safety, formulation and action of its SurgicTouch products. Production and packaging are exclusively made in Italy with NI EN ISO 9001:2000 3 certification. Cosmeceutics does not use fragrances or synthetic coloring agents, to ensure further safety for the users.

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