Liposhape: the new anti cellulite body cream

An anti-cellulite, modeling and slimming body cream with a soft and easy-to-apply texture: we are talking about LIPOSHAPE, one of the latest new entries in the Surgictouch body line, which will become your best ally to fight cellulite!

It’s a new formula, characterized by an innovative slimming technology, which allows the liposomes to encapsulate the active principles, thus favouring their penetration.

Every SurgicTouch body cosmeceutical, is formulated with selected actives, chosen to fight every beauty flaw/problem specifically.
Liposhape anti-cellulite body cream contains slimming compounds, which slim the silhouette, improve cellulite and water retention specifically.

Cellulite and Water Retention

These are two different body flaws, they often appear at the same time and 4 out of 5 women suffer from them. To treat them properly, both time and specific actives that work in synergy are needed.
Moreover, it is necessary to work on these three points to fight them effectively:
  • improve capillary circulation;
  • promote an osmotic action to drain extra liquids;
  • target localized fat.

Liposhape Actives

We will now analyse Liposhape actives more in depth, which work in synergy to generate a scientifically approved anti-cellulite and anti-water retention effect.


It has a great firming action on the whole body. It targets those areas that tend to relax and lack firmness.

FUCUS EXTRACT (or Brown alga extract)

Well known for its draining and firming characteristics, helps to boost the microcirculation, favours liquids drainage thus minimizing cellulite and skin’s “orange peel” look.


It is used in the cosmetic field for its numerous beneficial effects, among which we can enlist the capability to boost skin elasticity and collagen density, thus improving the skin aspect and firmness.


It has a firming action, minimizes cellulite, and gives the skin a visibly firmer aspect.


It is a natural substance that derives from the fruits of the horse chestnut tree: it is used to improve blood circulation and reduce capillary permeability, thus minimizing swelling and heavy legs.


It is a great antioxidant that prevents body cells from skin aging and from free radicals’ action.

How to use Liposhape

We suggest applying Liposhape anti-cellulite slimming cream every day on tummy, legs and hips massaging it until absorption. In this way, Liposhape will improve localized fat deposits, giving those areas a slimmer and firmer aspect.

If you try it, let us know the results!