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Laser depilation, the new frontier of hair removal! 1. Laser is not effective on fair hair.  False, but the removal…


Laser depilation, the new frontier of hair removal!

1. Laser is not effective on fair hair.  False, but the removal of fair hair is only partial and more difficult. Fair hair contains a lower concentration of melanin, which is the target of the laser.

2. Can I remove my hair inbetween laser appointments? This is one of the most frequent questions when starting laser depilation. The answer is yes, but you need to change the technique. When choosing laser depilation, you should abandon traditional depilation techniques, such as wax, tweezers or electrical depilation. You can shave, because laser hits the hair, by removing it, laser is not going to be able to read it.

3. Laser on the whole body. This is one of the main doubts while choosing to start laser depilation. This treatment can be done on any part of the body, eye brows excluded, because they are too close to the eyes. Remember that, during the treatment, your eyes must be protected with special sunglasses.

4. During the Summer laser depilation cannot be done. Laser Depilation can be carried out all year long. The only containdication is in case of tanned skin. During the Summer, in case of sun exposition, skin should be protected to be depilated. Covered areas, such as armpits, do not pose any problem at all. Breaks during each appointment should last between 1 and 3 months, this means it is possible to have an appointment at the beginning of the Summer and the next one at the end of it.

5. Can I sunbathe after laser depilation? Yes, but be careful. Some clients can be more sensitive than others, we always suggest the use of sun protection. After at least 15 days after the depilation, sun exposure is safe, but remember to be protected, skin should always be perfect with no reddenings nor irritations. In case of irritations or reddenings, wait for 2 months before the next depilation. Skin should not be tanned in this case.

6. Laser Depilation is painless. It depends on the area. For this reason before every appointment, a soothing gel must be applied.

7. Hair keep on growing.  Laser has 90% effectiveness, therefore the permanent result cannot be ensured. Nevertheless, after every appointment, hair growth decreases and it becomes weaker and weaker.

8. Laser does not imply skin care.  False, after every appointment skin can be red and irritated,with similar reactions to other types of depilation. The application of creams with aloe vera for four days after laser depilation is highly recommended, together with the application of sun protection.

9. Four appointments are enough to remove the hair. The number of appointmets depends on many factors, such as area, color and thickness of the hair, therefore an exact number of appointments cannot be defined, because every client has specific features.