Anti cellulite body mask

Anti cellulite body mask, scientifically proven, developled to reduce fat and cellulite, with trophic action on the tissues.

RESULT. Lipoplasma is able to reduce the volume of thighs, hips and belly.

FORMULATION. Body treatment made of "marine biotechnological gel", to be applied as occlusive compress, it contains different sea extracts with very good pharmacological properties AOSA WEED, DIGITATED SEA TANGLE, CORALLINA OFFICINALIS, FUCUS VESICULOSUS, IODINE, MAGNESIUM, ZINC, AMINO ACIDS, VITAMINS AND PHYTOCOLLOIDS.
Furthermore OMEGA PLANKTON gives an anti age action and a deep hydration on the skin.

METHOD OF USE. Apply 3 mm layer of Lipoplasma on the areas of the body to be treated because of cellulite, water retention and skin laxity.

TO BE NOTICED: it can be used on the whole body, face excluded.

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